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How would you like it if somebody talked behind your back each time you left the room? How would like it if the whole room went silent when you entered it? Deep in your heart, you will know that they were talking about you. If they are not talking about you, they are talking about someone else with you.

Office is the one place where people should abstain from gossip, but they do not. They gossip about who is married to who, who got divorced, who was rejected, who the boss yelled at, and on and on. It is like a never-ending cycle of gossip. It is as if high school never ended. The only thing changed was people’s age and appearance; the rest stayed the same such as their gossiping personalities.

If you know a group of people in the office who might be labelled as the “cool” group, but you know they gossip way too much, you do not need to be part of that group, at least not participate in the petty gossip. In doing so, you are putting your career at risk. Here is how:

Gossiping Will Damage Your Career

When you spread rumours about others or leak private information someone shared with you to others, people will steer clear of you. They will be reluctant to share information with or even talk to you, unless you find likeminded people as yourself in the company. People who love to gossip or hang around people who gossip should determine the reason why they do that. Are they jealous? Are they insecure? Are they unhappy in their current position?

Do Not Pass on What You Hear to Others

You are working through the night and go outside to get a breath of fresh air, only to hear two colleagues talking about something they should not be discussing. What do you do? Do you tell the others in the office of what you heard, spreading it? Should you take it up with the proper channels of communication to solve?

The second option to talk with the proper people is the right answer. In the event, you hear someone talking about you in the negative sense, you need to confront him or her when others are not around to talk to him or her privately about it and sort out the issue. If they continue to talk about you, you can inform the manager or the proper authorities in charge of settling employee disputes.

Gossip Victimises People

The topmost reason not to partake in office gossip is that it victimises people, as it a form of bullying. Why should you hurt people with your words? It is not fair to them, you, or anyone else to part of a discussion for no reason at all.

Everyone should abstain from office gossip, as professionally, it is unacceptable.

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