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For employees still stuck in an office for ten hours a day and a two hour commute, be assured that there are other choices out there

WAHM wants to help mums find the perfect balance between work, life and family and make work, work for you

The WAHM Career Channel is a recruitment blog where the aim is to proactively share industry articles and to discuss ideas and thoughts across a variety of career, recruitment and workplace-related topics.

Since our debut in 2007, WAHM has worked to become the best source for employment, job search and career education information across Australia and New Zealand supporting Work At Home Mums.

Career (noun) [kuh-reer]: an occupation or profession, especially one requiring special training, followed as one’s lifework: Success in a profession, occupation.

Providing advice, support and inspiration for job seekers, WAHM is the working mum’s number one source of information for all things related to having a career, landing the best position and getting the critical balance between mum and working woman just right. Virtually everything you can think of to help you in is available to you right here to enable you to create your Career and live your dreams.

You have access to Work Life Balance articles and Experts where you can make use of a wide range of effective tools to get the balance right, as well as Coaching and Career Resources with a Resident Expert to help get your work satisfaction and groove back.

In addition, we will provide access to articles on Cover Letters and Resumes & CV’s and alert you to Employers of Choice who understand the importance of work, life balance.

WAHM wants to help mums find the perfect balance between work, life and family and make work, work for you.

We will help you with Job Interviews by sharing our top tips and advice to take you from where you are now to your ideal role. We will help you when it comes to Job Search, Recruitment Agencies, Industrial Relations, Education & Training, Skills Testing and salaries via our Salary Centre.

In fact, all of the invaluable Career Resources you can think of to help you achieve the fulfilment and satisfaction you deserve as a mum and working woman are right here.

And why do we do this? Because at WAHM it’s all about helping you Love Your Work!

Work At Home Mums represents YOU, ME, HER it’s a Community and a Movement

WAHM realises that he modern working woman is not just a mother, wife, or female. She is a leader. She is visionary—an independent thinker. She is nurturing and adventurous in seeking all that life has to offer.  Through Work At Home Mums, contemporary women are engaged and inspired to live a fulfilled and happy life.

Work At Home Mums is for Real Women. Real Inspiration. Real Life.

Join us now! We’re dedicated to helping mums love their work, no matter where they are, who they are or what they want to do!


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