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The process of measuring our own Ecological Footprint helps us to better understand how our everyday choices and activities contribute to our ecological impact. It also helps us to identify what activities are having the biggest impact on the environment and inspire us to take personal and collective actions to reduce our impact and live within the means of one planet.

The calculator asks a series of simple questions and then calculates the area of land required to support our lifestyles. If you can’t view Flash animations on your computer, please use EPA’s existing Ecological Footprint calculator in html format and using older data.

Click here to calculate your personal Ecological Footprint. (requires Flash).
Estimated completion time: 15 mins

Click to calculate your personal Ecological Footprint (doesn’t require flash).
Estimated completion time: 10 mins

Click here to learn more about your Ecological Footprint and how to lighten your impact on the planet.

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