Hands up who loves the Christmas themed romantic comedy Love Actually? (My hand is up). Well, it’s been 14 years since the original and you may have heard that they created a Love Actually sequel for Red Nose Day back in March. Unfortunately unless you were in the UK, you didn’t get to see it in full. Until now.

Featuring most of the original cast (it was decided that Emma Thompson wouldn’t reprise her character due to the death of Alan Rickman who played her husband), this is a lovely way to get closure on some fabulous story lines. Proving giant cards are still a way to hold a conversation and sometimes you never get over your first love, the sequel also teaches us that dancing around stairs is not such a good idea.

The sequel premiered in the USA last week on NBC, and they’ve shared the full 16 minute “Red Nose Day Actually” online. If you need a time out to catch up with some beloved characters and get some fuzzy feelings (sorely needed it seems with all that is happening around the world) then this is just the thing. So enjoy…..


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And just for the record Andrew Lincoln, I quite like the beard, but it does seem out of place when you’re not chasing zombies. 😉

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