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Not all jobs can be done from home, and not all people are suited to working from home. There are a few things to consider if you are thinking about teleworking. Start by identifying what tasks you could do each week while working from home; this will indicate how many days you could work away from the office.

Some people like the idea of working from home but find it isolating when they try it in practice. Think about what tasks you do well on your own; or what proportion of your week you would like to be in the office to interact with colleagues or clients.

Telework is not for everyone, and should be a voluntary arrangement. Some people enjoy the social aspect of their workplace or find they need the discipline of being in the office to motivate them to work.

Home office set up

Telework relies on your ability to use reliable and stable IT resources so that you can share information and communicate effectively with your office while working from home.

Your employer will have requirements around security and communication and may choose to provide the equipment you need to work from home.

The quality of internet connectivity in your area will also be a major factor in determining whether or not you are able to work from home.

Management and employee expectations

You will need to have a firm commitment and an agreement in place with your manager to make sure you both understand and agree on what is expected from you when working from home.

Your employer will probably require you to have a telework arrangement that covers issues such as how your performance will be monitored; how you will communicate with your manager and other co-workers; and how you will resolve any issues that might arise.

While you are teleworking, you are expected to be working as you would when you are in the office. If there is potential for lots of distraction and interruption while you are working from home, then it might not be the ideal environment, and telework may not be a real option.

If you are thinking about teleworking, consider the type of work you do, and more importantly, how you like to work. This will help you and your manager decide if telework is suited to you and your job.

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