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As a mother to three amazing little monkeys, my oldest having just turned 3 in March and my youngest now 6 months, we have become very busy in our lovely homestead. As you can imagine I have been learning the wonderful lesson of Time Management. Mainly, don’t take more than you can chew.

You may feel that you have to ‘do it all’ and be part the groups and clubs and parent boards that are presented to you, but there is no need to be president/manager of all these groups. I often heard people making comments to my mom asking “How do you do it all?”

The answer was cutting out different time blocks from being with our family. May seem miniscule and only an hour here and there, but add up all those hours and it can be a staggering number!

I always considerred Mom to be an involved parent, and now that I have my own children I do believe some of her efforts were a little misplaced. Not wrong, but her time and efforts were more wanted at home – not getting headaches and being frustrated by other parents.

I will be involved in school boards and parent groups of the different organizations my children become part of absolutely, but my children will also learn to get involved in their own world and we will enjoy conversations aplenty based on their input. Take some weight off your shoulders and spread the load.

Your children may not appreciate it until they have children of their own,but letting them help you, and letting other parents do some work too, will give you more time to stop and give your kids even morehugs and kisses 🙂

Written by Tay Frieson

Sharing is caring!