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After you have spent a while as an owner of a certain business, you will most certainly realize that things are not as difficult as you thought. They are even worse. A lot of things you simply cannot control. You think that you are running everything well and then – BAM. Some government people are waiting for you in your office because you forgot to pay some fine and now you have to spend a lot of money to get out of some lawsuit you don’t even understand.

The situation above is a simple example, to say the least. It is there to state that, no matter how much you think you are in control, there is always a higher force that can set you back. That is why, from the very beginning, you have to focus on improving the vastness of your clientele and your relations with them. You have to focus on expanding constantly and it truly is a never ending battle. However, when you do reach popularity, any setback will be solved with in an instant.

The online world

Only a decade ago, the net was slow and expensive and the online community was mostly a bunch of computer geeks who talked about computer geek stuff. Now, everyone has a profile online and these profiles really do represent them in this new world. You, as a company, have to find a way to connect to as much people as you can online. There are no boundaries, no borders to cross. Everything is there.

So, you have to have a website which is your own, adequately designed presentation of yourself and your services. If you have a team of people working for you, you should have a place for them. The site has to be well organized and all the online payment options you provide have to be working properly, but all this is something your web-design and development team can – and has to – cover. The point is that, through social media, blogs and other online platforms, you can reach numerous people, which are all interested in what you have to offer.

A great amount of research has to be done in order to reach the point where your online community is big and active. Until then, you have to be active and you should strive to provide your potential customers with relevant content which is related to whatever niche you are in.

The offline world

Although the online world is pretty big, the place you are in and the contacts you get, along with the success you achieve on a local level, is something that cannot be overlooked in this text. You are building a brand and to do that, you have to be everywhere. You have to invest in your office for starters. The place you conduct your business from has to be perfect, so that you can work perfectly. Then, you have to make sure people notice your logo, or a catchphrase, or something that will make them instantly think about your services. To put it in plain words, you have to get into their heads. Apart from commercials and the occasional billboard, a thing that never stopped showing results is a quality, small, promotional product.  A great promotional product can be something simple as a pen, or something completely different, like a shirt or a hat. These are just simple, mundane things that people use on a daily basis. You simply hand them out during a presentation and you, simply, let people use them.

If you do everything right, when people think about how to solve a problem, whether it is a need for a particular service or a particular product, they will think of you and only of you. Their subconscious will single out all the competition – they won’t even think of them.

To sum up, I know that we have covered some pretty broad topics in the text above and that a lot of issues are still open for discussion. But brand building is a process that can last decades, centuries even. The point is to keep the goal in front of you at all times and never to give up.

Author: Charlotte Gray  is an enthusiastic blogger and a single mom who enjoys writing on a range of topics including home and lifestyle, business, online and offline marketing strategies and travel. She is an avid researcher who devotes most of her free time to improving her knowledge on the topics she writes about and whenever she gets the chance she likes to travel to exciting locations with her little daughter

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