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Fly Babee’s director and creator, Emma Lovell appeared on Channel 10’s Shark Tank. She delivered a perfectly executed pitch and captured one of the swarm of sharks leading investors Janine Allis.

Fly Babee is a pop-up sleep cover that attaches to all types of strollers and to airline bassinets. It blocks out 97% of the light and movement, is 100% breathable and ensures that babies and toddlers sleep easily whilst travelling.

Emma Lovell is originally from the UK. She was told that she would never have children. Emma fell pregnant with daughter Aimee and grabbed the first opportunity to introduce her Mum to her first grandchild. Aimee did not sleep for almost the duration of the 24-hour flight. The activity and the lights distracted her. Emma remembers telling her Mum that the flight was an absolute nightmare.

Unfortunately during that trip, Emma’s mother was diagnosed with cancer and given just 9 months to live.

Emma relocated to the UK to care for her mother and to ensure that her mother enjoyed the experience of being a first time grandmother. Emma’s husband missed his daughter and the family endured four trips back and forth between Australia and the UK that year.
Emma attempted to assist Aimee sleep by literally taping a sheet with masking tape to the in flight bassinet. This proved ineffective.

Emma’s mother passed away and after the grief slightly eased, she mentioned to her husband that she wondered how they could make travelling with babies easier. Her husband supported her idea and said that the couple should ‘just design something and get it out there.’ Fly Babee Sleep- Easy Cover was born.

Emma also wanted Fly Babee to have a dual purpose. Aimee had to sleep whilst out at hospitals, parks and restaurants. Blankets draped over the pram would fly off of the stroller or get caught in the wheels. She ensured that the Fly Babee cocoon dome shape design could clip onto any stroller and allow the baby to sleep, kick, be well ventilated and experience a relaxed sense of space.

Janine Allis offered Lovell $75 000 for half of the business. Emma stated that she would only give 35% of the business to Allis. Janine then counter offered with $80 000 for 38% with a condition that Emma works wage free for two years. Allis’s share would then be reduced to 35%. Emma says: “ I felt surprised, nervous yet over the moon.”

Emma proudly reflects: “The fact that someone else who is so business-savvy believed in my product enough to invest was an awesome feeling. After having worked on the project for three years, it was a great moment to finally have this feedback. To be aligned to someone like Janine is a dream come true.”

Janine Allis established Boost Juice and currently has 400 stores throughout Australia and in 12 countries around the world. She employs more than 7000 people. Janine continues to grow Boost Juice under the Retail Zoo banner.

Janine Allis affirms: “Not only do I think that the Fly Babee product is unique, innovative and solves a major problem that all of us mothers has faced or will face in the future, but the inventor Emma has that X factor that you just know the business will be a huge success. I am really looking forward to working with Emma in the years to come to help drive this business to the world market.”

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