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People who run home businesses will often tend to be a certain amount of person. Running a home business of course appeals to the kind of person who doesn’t like being told what to do and the sort of person who likes to be creative in their workplace.

Likewise, running a home business is sure to appeal to people who are shy or who don’t like spending lots of time with other people. Perhaps home business also appeals to those who like to sit around in their underpants.

People who run home businesses are also likely to be blessed with a number of skills. To succeed you’ll need to be a ‘self-starter’ meaning you’ll have to have the motivation required to get up every day and then work for hours even without someone looking over your shoulder to encourage you.

At the same time though, they also tend to miss certain skills. The good news? These can be learned – you just need to have the motivation to get outside of your comfort zone. Read on to find out which skills many home-based entrepreneurs could do with learning…


If you’re working from home because you prefer to avoid interacting with other people, then you may also be the sort of person who shies away from networking events within your industry. Perhaps you’re the sort of person who moves in the coffee shop when someone starts talking to you about your business…

If that is the case, then this is something you seriously need to learn. Networking is incredibly valuable for anyone who wants to expand their business and especially for those who work on their own from home and don’t have huge resources by themselves.

Selling Yourself

Likewise, if you’re the sort of person who works from home to avoid hectic and stressful interactions with other people, then you may not be particularly inclined to pick up the phone and try selling your services. If you’ve never walked into a shop or knocked on someone’s door then this is a skill to learn as it could lead to new clients immediately.

Likewise, those who want the ‘easy life’ might avoid negotiating which is no good if it means you settle for small pay!

Structuring Your Day

Finally, if you are the kind of person who likes sitting in your PJ’s then you probably need to learn to structure your day more. It might not seem appealing but you’ll get more done and you’ll have fewer late nights!

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