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It’s not all that often that within such a short period of time you get to do things like enjoy the Christmas holidays at home with your family, help Mums every day find balance doing what I LOVE and today I will sell and buy a NEW business.

I am very grateful

All this happened to me this week and my partner commented about how many amazing experiences we’d had over just the past few months, and that we should write them down so could read and re-live the experiences in years to come.

His comment prompted me to say “people write that kind of a thing in their Gratitude Journals” Quickly followed by “I’ve got one but haven’t started it yet, so I think I will”.

I’ve kept a journal a couple of times before, but when I would read them back I would cringe about some of ​the things I was writing about, and often I’d dwell on negative things.  I’m hoping this will be a lot different, and a joy to re-live all my positive experiences.

Before I started I got in touch with Karen, the lady who gave me the journal, to ask her a bit about gratitude journals.  Her story is pretty touching and shows how much she’s got from a simple daily task. Thanks for the chat Karen, you are truly an inspiration.

wahm being grateful

The reason she started to write one herself was that nearly five years ago, Dan, one of her sons suddenly passed away and writing daily in a gratitude journal was one of the rituals she created to assist her to heal.

Karen believes that there are a lot of reasons to write in a gratitude journal.  She said “Study after study has shown the importance of gratitude, and it’s essential, positive impact on our social, physical, psychological and emotional well-being.  These modern scientific results are merely a capstone on the echoes of age-old wisdom which has been whispering about the importance of an attitude of gratitude, since the beginning.

There are many ways and reasons that gratitude is inherent to our basic happiness. Practicing gratitude is one of the best methods for improving over-all satisfaction with life, and other feelings of optimism and joy. Gratitude lowers anxiety and decreases, even eliminates depression. It strengthens our immune system, and encourages us to be more health conscious, all while fueling us to take better care of ourselves. Gratitude is the key to deep relaxation and better sleep.

Gratitude promotes a spirit of forgiveness, peace and cooperation – even in difficult, stressed, or strained relationships. Gratitude directly relates to our resilience, and increases our levels of commitment, tolerance and ability to connect with our friends and family.”

The journal that Karen gave me was one from the collection that she sells.  The reason she decided to make her own was that she “noticed that whilst many journals were beautiful on the outside, on the inside, they were just plain lines and upon reflection, I felt, the journals should be like us, more beautiful on the inside than outside.”

If you’re thinking about starting a gratitude journey, why not purchase one of Karen’s Elements Collection Gratitude Journals?

Follow this link to have a sneak peak at the four journals and to purchase.

Earth Gratitude Journal​ Water Gratitude Journal​ Air Gratitude Journal Fire Gratitude Journal

The Gratitude Journal – The Gift that Keeps on Giving

  • Karen Chaston has designed a series of four Gratitude Journals around the four elements; Water, Air, Fire and Earth.
  • These intellectual, uniquely designed journals truly are the gift that keeps on giving.
  • Firstly its a gift to the reader, then as they participate along the way they will begin to create a life of their dreams and desires. Lastly each book gives back to charity or non-for-profit organisation.
  • The key to creating MORE of anything in your life is to be grateful for what you already have.
  • By creating a daily ritual that includes writing in a gratitude journal you will create more fun, joy, love, happiness, prosperity and fulfillment in your life.


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