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The exact minute you become a parent is when your life totally changes forever. I would not swap it for quids.

Yes, there will be tough times and loads of sacrifice, but it is so worth every little moment, would you agree?

The beautiful, precious and sweet moments far outweigh the negative ones. So how does becoming a parent change your life?

On the Giving End of Unconditional Love


Until a person becomes a parent, it is so difficult to imagine loving someone unconditionally, for the rest of your life. My friends used to talk about it, but I never understood it completely before I became a Mum.

No matter what your child does, you never lose your love for them. Even when you are cranky with your child, you are the first one to come to their aid and to sacrifice for their good. The love a parent has for their child never ends. I love my daughter so much it hurts.

New Respect for Your Parents

Once you become a parent, you have a totally new appreciation for what your parents went through while raising you. Take your hat off to them.

It is so easy to judge when you are young and naïve, but once you are in the position you put your parents in, a real enlightenment occurs. Many people have grown up feeling resentful towards their parents, only to become parents themselves and decide to forgive and even ask forgiveness from their parents. Life is to short, don’t hold grudges. Reach out and respect.

Caring about Things You Never Worried about Before

When you are young and single, with no responsibilities  you feel invincible. Once you have brought a tiny person into the world, you realise the gravity and think about of every decision you make. Where you may once have partied too much, you now want to take care of your health in order to be around to see your children grow up. Where you once bought new items and got rid of them without thinking twice, you now constantly think about the condition that you want to leave the world in for your little ones.

Making Personal Decisions with Someone Else in Mind

Gone are the days of making split decisions based on your wants. Once kids enter the picture, it’s all about what they want and need, always!!. This may mean not going on that spur-of-the-moment holiday with your buddies, or cancelling the dinner plans you were looking forward to because your kid is sick and you need to stay home with them. This is all part of being a responsible parent.

Your “Favorite TV Shows” Change, Hahahaha

You may have once liked reality show, zombie movies, documentaries or action movies. Now that you’re a parent, your fave shows are Peppa Pig, Play School or The Wiggles, the ones that either distract your child from a tantrum, or make their face light up as they sing along to the theme. Never thought you’d fall head over heels for the antics of brightly coloured, fuzzy animals with high-pitched singing voices, Think again.

Nothing Is Yours Alone, ever again

Sharing takes on a whole new meaning when you become a parent. Children will force you to share everything.  From food to your Ipad and Smartphones, to chips, fruit and even your cold cup of tea that you never get to drink hot, your child will want to share it all with youy. You will literally feel any remaining selfishness dissolve out of complete necessity.

Becoming a parent changes you in many ways. There is nothing quite like the joy and feeling of immense pride and happiness of looking at your brand new baby as you welcome them into the world.

From the good to the downright difficult, you will be a changed person forever, because that is how we roll.

love wahm

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