After a period at home, looking after young children, there often comes a time when a mother may consider seeking outside employment. Whether this decision is based on finances, the need for external stimulation or simply because the youngest child has become more independent, it is vital that this step in your life is carefully planned.

When you were last in the workplace you may not have needed to utilise paid Day Care or perhaps you had a job which required a lot of late hours. These factors could be difficult to a mum challenged by the desire to be seen as a professional at the same time as needing the reassurance that all is well at home.

Before venturing back to the workforce ensure that you have carefully considered some back up support. Little ones who are new to day care or school may become subject to illnesses and be unable to attend their new environment at times.

A good support network of friends and family can be invaluable as you can help each other out when needs arise. Loving partners, relatives and especially grand parents, who love the children as much as you do, are often happy to pitch in and help at short notice. Nurture and appreciate these loving relationships as you will be glad of their support in the future.

When it comes to looking for the new job it may be tempting to want to step back into the level you had achieved before taking maternity leave. Carefully consider this option by writing down the pros and cons of working a that same level with new added responsibilities in the background.

It is possible that the pride you felt in your career achievements may not seem so attractive without the reassurance of a happy home life.  It can be a genuine pleasure to return home at the end of the day to the loving embrace of your own children. Enjoy this stage in their lives and look after yourself.

You are now the centre of the world for many people and their long term happiness depends on you.

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