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Here is how to be an effective leader and good leader across levels in the organisation

Would you say leadership is only for top management? Absolutely not!

Leadership is for anybody who manages people and has the power to influence decisions. Leadership is the structure of the personality which includes experience, skill, responsibility, intelligence, power of organizing people and social interaction. It is an indispensable activity, which every leader has to perform for directing the people working under him/her. It is the ability of the leader to induce subordinates to work with confidence and zeal.

A good leader shows characteristics of intelligence, alertness, is action oriented and above all has the power to motivate. But how do we become a good leader? Is it something that we can work on and become better at? Definitely.

Let’s look at what we need to do to become a better leader.

Ability to influence and make decisions:

You must have the ability to come to a decision. Once that is done – stick to the decisions that you make!  Practice what you preach.  Remember actions speak louder than words. Leaders do not command excellence – they build it. Pursing excellence isn’t related to accomplishing a task or a job. It means the ability to look beyond the ordinary and doing whatever it takes to achieve it. Your actions should be based on moral principles and reason.

Ability to encourage others to set up and achieve goals:

When you have a team of people that you are supervising, it can be very powerful when they know that you are on their side, and that you will do whatever you can to make sure that their interests are protected. One of the most important parts of being a good leader is taking ownership when things go wrong, and how to recognise people in your group when things go well.

Sense of direction and a vision for the group:

Inspire people and have confidence in whatever you do. Take charge whenever necessary: however, trust people to do a good job and they will in turn surprise you with excellent results. Be fair and empathise by being sensitive to others.

Motivation to take risks in the face of challenges:

Have the perseverance to accomplish the goals. Display confidence when under stress. Be committed and deliver the goal.

Ability to develop good leaders:

Coaching is an integral part of developing people to become leaders. Many organisations today have a succession plan and are taking mentoring to the next level by taking adequate steps to groom the best level of leaders.

An effective leader unites followers to a shared vision that offers true value, integrity, and trust to change and pick up the group.

The key to leadership is accomplishing the tasks at hand while building relationships.

As true leaders, we must know our own skills and deploy them effectively.

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