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Could you live for five months without power or hot water? Antarctica post office seeking job applicants who can dodge ‘smelly penguins,’ live without showering

The U.K. Antarctic Heritage Trust is looking for assistants to help run its post office museum and gift shop at Port Lockroy, located on Goudier Island off the Antarctic Peninsula.

The position pays about £1,100 (or $1,250) a month. Those selected for an interview will need to be available May 11 to 12 in Cambridge; successful applicants will need to be available for an additional five days of training in September.

Here is the Job Description

Port Lockroy Assistant, Antarctica

  • Are you the person we are looking for?
  • Have you got what it takes?

Do you recognise yourself here? The UK Antarctic Heritage Trust (UKAHT) needs committed individuals (of any nationality, but able to participate in selection and training in the UK) to make up a team of four to spend five months (November – March) running the shop, post office, maintenance and museum operation at Port Lockroy, on the tiny Goudier Island off the Antarctic Peninsula.

Port Lockroy is visited each Austral summer by approx. 18,000 ship-borne visitors amounting to two ship visits per day. During the short summer period approximately 70,000 items of mail are cancelled. Goudier Island is also home to 2,000 gentoo penguins. Living conditions are comfortable though basic with no mains power, heat or water, and limited communications.

Port Lockroy Assistant, Antarctica Port Lockroy Assistant, Antarctica

Can you demonstrate that you have most or all of the following?

• Good physical and medical fitness

• Confidence – can you give a talk without aids to 200 people and represent the UKAHT ‘live’ on TV and radio!

• Retail experience with good customer focus

• Competence and confidence with spreadsheet design and formulae

• Hands on DIY/practical skills – can you use hand tools proficiently?

• Coordination – can you carry a big heavy box over slippery rocks and slushy snow whilst dodging penguins?

• Environmental awareness and practical knowledge of minimum impact living

• Practical knowledge of another language as well as English Do you possess the following attributes?

• Ability to get on with it. Can you identify what needs doing and get on and do it without having to be asked, whether it be washing up, sweeping the floor or digging snow?

• Quick learner – can you take an instruction in person or in writing and get on and do it efficiently?

• Awareness of your surroundings/situation

• Initiative – can you think on your feet and act?

• Adaptability to different situations – Are you happy not to shower for up to a month, live in close proximity to three people and 2,000 smelly penguins for five months?

• Sympathy – are you careful with things and people, do you treat things with respect when they are irreplaceable until the following season? As well as being passionate about the Antarctic. You need to be:

• Personable – do you value getting on with others? Can you live and work with just three others for five months and be friendly and cooperative throughout?

• Positive – can you enthuse to visitors when it is -5C° and blowing a blizzard as well as cook supper cheerfully after a long cold day and very little sleep?

• Conscientious – will you be doing your best day in day out for 5 months?

• Meticulous – can you keep accurate records be it penguin eggs, t-shirts, or food stock?

• Prepared to be on call and smiling for all waking hours, seven days a week

• Happy to be confined to a small island with no prospect of climbing the surrounding peaks

Applications have closed last year, but what a very cold and exciting opportunity

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