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Check this out. It looks awesome and it is called LeadDyno 3.0

Another great tool I found if you are looking to set up a simple and easy Affiliate or Referral Program to run yourself.

– Recruit new affiliates while you sleep (including turning your customers into affiliates, too)

– Get your affiliates everything they need to promote your product(s) and website on their blogs and social media accounts…

– Encourage your affiliates to “social share” your product(s) via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email, and more…

– Keep your affiliates engaged with “automated” affiliate emails and success updates…

– Easily pay your affiliates for their efforts – using LeadDyno’s one-click PayPay integration…

Watch how easy it is

Sign up here and mention Work At Home Mums and take a FREE No questions asked Trial


Sharing is caring!

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