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There are days when commuting to work and dutifully taking your place in the office can seem like a real chore, but the very least that employers can expect from their staff is to show up as contracted and perform the job to the best of their ability.

For many Australians, even the act of reporting for work is a step too far, with as many as 5% of the country’s workforce calling in sick every day, leading to an annual loss of $33 billion in productivity.

We found this infographic from payroll and contractor solutions organisation Ayers ( which lays bare the scale of absenteeism in Australian workplaces. The problem isn’t simply restricted to employees not showing up for work, either; the attitude of those in management is also questionable, with 60% of organisations failing to report absences correctly.

In addition, Australia has an unwelcome ‘entitlement culture’ where employees view sick leave as a divine right instead of a grateful privilege. More than 70% of absenteeism can be attributed to this mentality, and many employers are fearful of rocking the boat and calling out their staff on the matter.

If you’re among those who buys into this entitlement culture and regularly takes sick leave without too much prompting, why not consider altering your plans so that you can either work from home or transfer to a role which allows for greater flexibility?

Such practices are common today in Australia and they are far better alternatives to simply not being bothered to turn up for work.


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