The Australian Bureau of Statistics has put together some facts and figures on mothers:

  • The median age of mothers has increased over the last 40 years from 25.5 years in 1972, to 30.2 years in 2002, to 30.7 years in 2012 (for all registered births).
  • 4,421 of the 309,582 births in 2012 were to twins. 59 were to triplets or higher order births.
  • There were 13,092 births registered in Australia in 2012 where the mother was of Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander origin. 
  • Of all female primary carers in 2012 (536,700), there were 174,200 (32%) who were mothers whose main caring responsibility was for their child with a disability.
  • In 2012-13 101,800 (37%) women aged 18 years and over who wanted a job or to work more hours, but were unavailable, reported that ‘caring for children’ was the main reason for their unavailability. This is the most common reason given by women for not being available.
  • In November 2013, 304,700 of 622,700 (49%) self employed women were mothers with dependent children. 1,680,500 of 4,681,200 (36%) female employees were mothers with dependent children.

Source: ABS data the Australian Bureau of Statistics

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