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If mums were an industry they would be bigger than the mining industry, the agriculture industry and the fishing industry.

“Mums are a huge consumer powerhouse in Australia,” said head of research at Viacom International Media Network, Kirsty Bloore. “A study that was done a few years back said that they control over a $132 billion worth of spending per annum. So clearly it’s beneficial we all understand what mums think.”

Bloore shared the figures at a breakfast in Sydney this morning for Foxtel TV channel Nick Jr. and hosted by The Multi Channel Network (MCN).

MCN teamed up with parenting websites Nick Jr. Parents and Baby Center and the University of South Australia to research the modern day mum, the differences between Gen X mums (born between 1961 – 1981) and millennial mums (born between 1982 – 1998) and how technology has impacted modern mums in today’s society.


1. Talk to mums individually rather than en masse

2. Get in the social media space

3. Functionality trumps fun

4. Simplify shit

5. More wifi

6. Get on mobile

Great article by Emma Mackenzie. Read the full version right here at Bandt.

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