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It’s never easy to cover all the costs of Christmas. Getting the Christmas dinner sorted is bad enough, but then there’s all the presents you need to buy. Kids always want the latest and most expensive toys, and for adults, gadgets aren’t getting any cheaper. But there are some great opportunities to save money between now and the 25th of December. Keep your ear to the ground and try these tips to save.

Black Friday

A huge yearly event, Black Friday is starting to really catch on around the world. It may be celebrated the most in the USA, but global chains are bringing it to other areas too. If you can brave the shops, Black Friday is a fantastic day for getting deals. You can shop online, too if you aren’t one to hit the high street. Amazon’s Black Friday deals are legendary, with sales now stretching on for most of the week. Don’t miss out on the chance to get those must-have gadgets at a lower price.

Cyber Monday

Once the madness of Black Friday has died down, there’s still another chance to save. The following Monday is dedicated to discounts while shopping online. You can still get some great deals, as not everything will have sold out over the weekend. If you missed something on Friday, now is a chance for a second stab at it. Lots of online brands will be offering discounts to hook in buyers and sell off some of their stock. Take advantage and you’ll have lots of discounted presents ready for you before Christmas.

American Express Rewards

The American Express Shop Small campaign offers a great opportunity to save some extra money. The idea is that if you shop at registered small local businesses, you can make great savings. American Express believe that you should be supporting your local community and business owners. To encourage this, they are running a special campaign during November. If you spend $20 in local shops, you can get $10 in cashback. You could be getting everything ready for Christmas at half the price this year with this offer.

Shop Loyalty Cards

If you have a specific store that you need to shop at, this is the way to save. Get a loyalty card on which you can collect points. The type of rewards depend on the individual shop. Some might offer cashback when you have collected a certain amount of points. Others will give you free gifts, which you can use as presents. If you are struggling to pay for everything this year, some store cards can also be used to pay for your items. You then pay off the card in January when things are back to normal. It’s a great way to balance your books in time for the holidays.

Online Cashback Sites

If you are shopping online and you can’t get everything you need with those Cyber Monday deals, there’s another way. Some shops are signed up with online cashback sites, which allow you to earn money while you shop. All you do is start on the cashback site, then head to the shop that you want to buy from. You place your order, and when all is confirmed, you will earn cashback in your account. While it might not add up to much per transaction, you can make a saving this way. Even getting $1 extra is definitely better than nothing.

Coupon Codes

Finally, look out for coupon codes. You might find some of these by signing up to mailing lists, or by making your purchases one at a time. A lot of online stores will send you a discount code for your next purchase with your order confirmation. Order bit by bit and you could save a huge amount over the whole shop.

Shopping for Christmas is so much easier if you are smart about it. While it might take some extra time, finding these opportunities could give you huge savings!

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