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Working at home may not an option for every mum and it may be the only option for some mums. Regardless of your reasons for being a work at home mum, you probably seek flexibility in your working life to give you time to be with and look after your children.

Here are three jobs that may suit the work at home mum looking for flexibility:

#1: Telephone support

If you’ve got a voice and a knack for answering telephones, then providing support in this area may be for you.

Some businesses are happy to forward their phones to yours so that you can answer calls and queries and send messages back to the business owner. To differentiate between multiple businesses, it may be useful to have multiple mobile phones.

Virtual receptionists require high-speed internet and a USB headset as they usually answer calls through a VOIP system, particularly if you sign up to a VR network.

Telephone support isn’t just limited to just message taking, you can also book appointments or make warm or cold sales calls (also known as telemarketing).

Most telephone support work pays per call. If you decide to work within the appointment or telemarketing sphere businesses are more willing to pay higher rates per conversion.

Telephone support work is quite flexible because you can do other work or look after your children while the phones are quiet.

#2: Copywriter, proofreader, or editor

If, prior to becoming a work at home mum, your corporate career involved working with words then providing this service from your at-home office could be for you.

Copywriting is a sought-after skill and many business owners just don’t have the time to pull together copy for their newsletters, email campaigns, websites, blog posts, or social media posts.

Proofreaders and editors read through already existing copy to ensure that it is of a high standard. Many students, authors, and businesses require support in this area.

Writing, proofreading, and editing is flexible because you can work during the evenings if your child is unsettled during the day; or vice versa.

#3: Web or graphic designer

If you have design skills from your previous career, then working in the space of freelance web or graphic design is most definitely an area you should consider.

There are many options for you to start up your business. You can go it alone as a solo provider or create a profile on one of the many online marketplaces that offer these services as gigs.

If your design work isn’t limited to the online world, then consider setting up an Etsy store where you can sell your physical creations, made to order.

This work is flexible for work at home mums because most of the work can be done during a time that suits you and your children.

Make sure you know where you stand with your clients

If you want to work from home, then you need to decide if you are going to be an employee who works remotely, or a sub-contractor who runs their business from their home office.

There is a difference and it is important to understand these differences. The Australian Government Small Business website has further information to help you if you’re unsure. There is also a host of information about how to set up your work at home business.

If you’re still unsure what type of work may be perfect for you, consider grabbing a copy of our e-book: Earn Extra Money Online where we cover everything you need to know to start making money online.

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